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Will eating pineapple improve embryo implantation?

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, you’re probably willing to try just about anything to increase your chance of success. Rumour has it that drinking pineapple juice and eating the core can increase can boost chances of embryo implantation during IVF. But is this myth or science?

Small for gestational age baby dietary advice

Have you been told that your baby is ‘small’ for his or her age? Although this can indicate problems, usually it’s nothing to worry about and just needs to be tracked. Let’s discuss some of the actions that you may be tempted by, so that I can give you an update of the evidence….

Can my pregnancy cravings predict my baby’s gender?

When you’re pregnant, family, friends and even strangers love to predict your baby’s gender. There are plenty of old wives’ tales that look at things like whether your baby bump is high or low, when you experienced morning sickness, and even the shininess of your hair. A quick google search will bring up lots of results around how your cravings will change depending on whether you’re pregnant with a boy or a girl, but are there really any hidden meanings to your pregnancy cravings?

Trying to conceive over 40: how diet can help

Are you over 40 and trying to conceive? Are you constantly being reminded that ‘your clock is ticking’? Well you’ve made it to the right spot. In this blog I share my top dietary strategies that can help improve the health of your eggs and improve your changes of trying to conceive over 40.

How thyroid problems can affect fertility

Our thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormones which impact our metabolic rate. These hormones then impact our fertility hormones. With around one in twenty people having some type of thyroid condition, you should know what symptoms to look for and how to optimise your thyroid health before you start trying to conceive.

What to eat during labour

So it’s not long until the day when you get to welcome your little one into the world. You’ve been stocking up on nappies and you have your hospital bag ready to go… but have you considered what you’ll need to eat and drink during labour?

PCOS: Low GI diet

A low GI diet is one of the most popular diets for women with PCOS, so how do you get started? In today’s blog, I interview PCOS dietitian, Nicole Barber, and chat about how and why a low GI diet can help manage your PCOS.

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