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The Pregnancy Weight Plan

I am so excited to tell you about my first book – The Pregnancy Weight Plan. The concept for writing this book came about as I repeatedly heard my clients say that they regret not maintaining more control over their weight during their pregnancies. Gaining too much...

Does IVF cause weight gain?

Gaining weight during IVF treatment is a common side effect of treatment that many women seem to experience. So is it the IVF to blame? If not, what other factors could be causing it? And why don’t all women gain weight?

Is an alkaline diet beneficial for fertility?

The alkaline diet has a number of claimed benefits including weight loss, increased energy and protection from all sorts of diseases. So is there much truth to the amazing claims made about an alkaline diet, and importantly will following it boost your fertility?

The impact of melatonin supplements on fertility

You’ve probably heard about melatonin as being a hormone that helps control our sleep and wake cycle. But melatonin isn’t just something that those suffering from jet lag may be focussed on. New research is now showing that this humble hormone has an important role to play in a woman’s fertility!

Does Royal Jelly help with fertility?

Royal jelly is a heavily marketed health food supplement that makes lots of amazing health claims. One of these claims is that it’s a potent supplement for egg health to help with a woman’s fertility. But is there any truth in these claims?

Preparing for IVF diet

When you are about to spend a lot of money on fertility treatments, you want to have your body in tip-top shape, right? An IVF diet is clearly an important consideration. But what is it? And how does it help?

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