I like to use this time to think back on the goals we set ourselves to not only reflect on things we’ve achieved but also areas that we’ve fallen short on. I have to think we aren’t as successful as we hoped for not because we’re lazy or hesitate at an opportune moment, but perhaps it was that it was that as the year went on, we lost a little motivation? At the start of the year you have to admit that most of us are probably full of gusto and make big plans but then find it difficult to maintain that same level of enthusiasm as the days, weeks and months roll by. I’m sure everyone at some point has been in the same boat as well. So how do you keep your motivation levels up?

1. Set realistic goals
Be smart with what you want to achieve. Set yourself small realistic goals and don’t be vague about it. Factor in tangible strategies and outcomes that you can actually measure and make sure that you set a timeline or an end point that is challenging enough that forces you to strive to do your best without feeling deflated and demoralised at the first setback. If it’s weight loss you’re after this new year, you know it’s not all going to happen only in January. Set yourself weekly and then monthly goals so you don’t lose sight of the big picture.

2. Be accountable
Longer term goals aren’t easy to achieve even if you have a driven independent personality. You may be the type of person who likes to dictate targets and assess progress yourself or maybe you like to report in to others to help maintain that level of expectation, but either way the fact is that this helps you be accountable. There’s no point starting off with just your self confidence and then putting your head in the sand when things aren’t going the best. You need to step up and own your actions. Accountability (regardless of whether it is in the form of a graph, a diary or explaining yourself to a coach) is going to boost your motivation and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

3. Have support
Remember not everything can be smooth sailing and when things get hard, as they inevitably do, you are not alone. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues or counsellors- they may not always have the answers to your problems, but they are there to help and can be the shoulder you need to give you that extra bit of support and revive your motivation.
In my consultancy, I see many clients struggle with a lack of motivation. Of course every person is different and what areas challenge you may not be such a test for someone else. Regardless, I always think that the more resources you have at your disposal to boost your motivation, the better!
One thing I like to do with my clients is to help them realise that there are easy strategies, such as being more mindful of what you’re doing, that can enhance your awareness and motivate you to change a habit. With that in mind, I’d like everyone to have access to a food diary that I have created. It is designed to be a source of accountability for you so there’ll be no more excuses to say “I didn’t know” and more motivating reasons for you to say “I’m going to do this!”

Please click on the file below to download your food diary now! And don’t forget to share with friends who you think will also benefit.