Imagine living on under $2 a day?

Unfortunately this is the reality for millions of people worldwide.
We spoke to the Oaktree Foundation about the ‘Live Below the Line’ Campaign, and what you can do to help!


What is the aim of the Live Below the Line Campaign?

Poverty is unjust because it’s something that prevents people from accessing their basic human rights. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds and awareness for those living in extreme poverty by challenging everyday Aussies to live on $2 a day for 5 days. It’s a tough but meaningful challenge that provides a small insight into what the 700 million people living in extreme poverty face daily. The funds raised by participants goes towards education projects in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste so that young people have the chance to improve the circumstances into which they were born.

How’s the campaign going?

Each year, around 10,000 people sign up to take the challenge. Since the campaign started in 2010, we’ve raised over $9 million.
What are the origins of the campaign?

The campaign was started in 2010 by two Melbourne flat mates looking to make a change – Rich Fleming and Nick Allardice. Since then, the challenge has been taken on as a major fundraising campaign for Oaktree, Australia’s largest youth-run organisation.
How are people affected nutritionally when they live below the line?

As long as participants are planning ahead, they should be able to make sure they’ve accounted for the macro nutrients they need. As most participants eat the same meal for lunch and dinner each day, the variety seen in our conventional diets is reduced. Most participants eat hi-fibre foods during challenge week such as lentils, beans and veggies, which keeps them satisfied. After challenge week, participants are much more grateful for their fresh fruit and veg!
What do you suggest is the healthiest way to live on $2 a day?

We encourage our participants to drink lots of water and choose at least one staple (such as rice, oats or pasta) when doing the challenge. Planning is key. We have several recipes on the website to help participants out when creating meal plans. The Live Below the Line Connect Facebook group is also a great way to see what other participants are doing to stay healthy during challenge week. We suggest that participants don’t blow their budgets on junk food like chips, lollies and soft drinks because they’re not nutrient dense.
How can I get involved?

Sign up or donate to a participant at