Ever wondered what it is like to live with a food intolerance?

Hannah, one of our lovely Nutrition Plus members, wished to share her experiences with food intolerance’s and discuss how her diet has changed since having a fructose intolerance.

1. Can you tell us some of the symptoms you experienced prior to knowing you had a food intolerance?
I would feel sick and uncomfortable after eating and experienced a lot of bloating, fatigue, gas, diarrhoea.

2. What prompted you to see a dietitian for help?
After being diagnosed with IBS I was referred to a dietitian to help figure out what to eat to minimise my symptoms. The dietitian was able to help me understand foods that I should and shouldn’t be eating to help manage my IBS.

3. What had to change in your diet once you realised you were fructose intolerant?
After seeing a dietitian I started following the low FODMAP diet. The biggest change I had to make was with the types of fruit and vegetables I was consuming. Most of my favourites including apples, butternut pumpkin and sweet potato, are unfortunately not low FODMAP! Luckily there are lots of delicious low FODMAP recipes and substitutes out there.

4. What is your advice to others who might be experiencing a similar thing
If you’re experiencing similar symptoms to what I did I highly recommend  taking action as soon as possible and definately talking to a dietitian about it. Since following the low FODMAP diet I feel so much better.