Is a chesty cough getting you down? Is your runny nose driving you crazy?

Here are 10 dietary changes to keep your immunity fighting fit, and drive that cold or flu away.


1. Muesli bar for yoghurt. Naturally set yoghurt contains probiotics which can help to boost the amount of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your immune cells are linked closely with the diversity and healthy bacteria in your gut so a healthy gut = improved immunity.

2. Dried fruit for kiwi fruit. Loaded with vitamin C, fluid and fibre, kiwi fruit is a great asset in your immune-fighting arsenal, not to mention that they are a fruit that is easily accessible in winter.

3. Roasted whole garlic for crushed garlic. When the garlic membrane is damaged (i.e. crushed) it produces allicin, a sulphur containing compound that can support healthy functioning of your immune system and as a further win, it has anti-bacterial properties.

4. Cuppa soup for freshly homemade soups. All the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, legumes (and perhaps chicken if you follow the thought that chicken soup is good for the soul) are retained in the soup which can really help to boost your immunity. An added benefit is that you also end up having a lot more fluid (without the added salt) to help prevent dehydration in the colder months.

5. Chorizo for broccoli in your pasta bake. Broccoli, a cruciferous vegetable, along with Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale and cauliflower are known to have a protective effect against a range of infections and medical conditions. Vitamins and minerals such as folate and Vitamins K and C support functioning of your vital organs and have a key role in immunity.

6. Vanilla flavour for a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning latte. Cinnamon bark has a range of vitamins and minerals present that may decrease pressure in blood vessels and improve circulation which enables our immune cells the best chance of locating and eliminating any winter nasties.

7. Pineapple for mushrooms on your pizza. Mushrooms are one of the very few food sources of Vitamin D. Generally speaking, Australians are notoriously low in Vitamin D which can affect your immunity so loading up on mushrooms and other Vitamin D sources in foods or supplements will help enhance immunity.

8. Flake for salmon. As an oily fish, salmon is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids. Omega- 3’s can boost your immune fighting cells to help prevent you getting sick but also decrease inflammation to reduce the severity of an illness.

9. Packet of chips for roasted unsalted nuts. A small handful of mixed nuts is all your need to pack a punch of zinc, selenium, Vitamin E and antioxidants to keep you feeling strong and boost your ability to fight off infections.

10. Regular tea for decaf varieties or fruit infusions. One of your best defence mechanisms when it comes to fighting off infections is rest. The caffeine found in teas (and coffee) can act as a stimulant and may delay or prevent you getting enough shut-eye for your body to fully recover. This could increase your risk of getting sick and/or being sicker for longer.