Did you overindulge this festive season? Not to worry, I shared my tips to get you back on the straight and narrow with Kimberly Gillan for ‘Fernwood Fitness’ magazine.

1. Big Night
Did you have one too many glasses of champagne over the festive season? If you’re trying to get back on track, nutrition and wellbeing specialist Melanie McGrice, says rehydration needs to be your number one focus.

“Drinking heaps of water is the best strategy,” she explains. Then reach for some Vegemite toast. “Vegemite contains vitamin B, which helps your body to break down the alcohol,” McGrice explains. “The salt in Vegemite also makes you a little thirstier which will have you reaching for more water as well.”

Plan Ahead
Next time offer to be designated driver or alternate your wine with glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated and limit your risk of accidental binge drinking.

2. Sugar overload
If you hit the lollies, chocolate or dessert bar, then McGrice suggests you get moving as quickly as possible. “Sugar tends to give you an energy burst so work it off while you’ve got that extra energy,” she says. “Get a friend up onto the dance floor or go for a walk or run to burn up the kilojoules you’ve ingested from the sugar.”

Plan Ahead
Slow down when you’re eating sweets and focus on savouring every mouthful. If you’re mindful of what you’re eating and enjoying the taste, you’re more likely to feel satisfied without going overboard.

3. Food Frenzy
If you’re feeling sluggish after a festive feast, McGrice suggests that you accept it’s happened and focus on making better choices in the future. “Try not to feel guilty about it because you can’t change the past,” she says. “Just focus on moving forward.” Having a lighter eating day with lots of salads can be a good way of neutralising your kilojoule intake and avoiding weight gain. If you usually have two slices of toast for breakfast, you might just have one,” McGrice suggests. “For lunch and dinner get some salad and protein into you.”

Plan Ahead
Prepare for the event you’re attending – whether it’s looking up a restaurant menu online and planning your order in advance or circling the Christmas buffet and choosing your foods wisely. “Try to choose just one or two foods you’re really looking forward to, rather than indulging in everything,” says McGrice. “And if you know you’re going to be having a big lunch, try to avoid snacking between meals.”

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