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Melanie’s Fertility Boosting Recipe E-Book

Receive over 25 dietitian-approved recipes that are not only nutritious and delicious but also rich in key fertility nutrients that will help optimise your fertility and give your baby a head start in life.

$12.00 excl tax

Melanie’s Nourishing Pregnancy Recipe E-Book

Remove the confusion around what you should eat during pregnancy and receive healthy pregnancy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas so that you know that you and your little one growing inside of you is getting the best nutrition possible during your pregnancy.

$12.00 excl tax

Melanie’s Fertility Friendly Plant-Based Recipe E-Book

A plant-based diet for optimising fertility requires well-planned and well-balanced meals in order to ensure that you are meeting all your nutritional requirements for fertility. This e-book will give you a range of fertility friendly plant-based breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that are packed with key fertility nutrients from plant-based sources.

$12.00 excl tax

Melanie’s Tasty PCOS Recipe E-Book

Healthy eating habits can play an important part in treating and managing your PCOS symptoms. Ensure you’re getting the right nutrients in your PCOS diet with our Tasty PCOS recipes! Enjoy over 25 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas that aim to help reduce inflammation, manage insulin resistance and optimise your weight.

$12.00 excl tax

Multiples Tool Kit

Expecting twins? Triplets? Or more? Inside our ‘Multiples Tool Kit’ our expert prenatal dietitians have provided the nutritional information and strategies you need to know if you’re a Mumma expecting multiples. It also includes a 7-day meal plan and pregnancy-safe recipes that will help you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy with multiples.

$21.00 excl tax

Morning Sickness Tool Kit

We know that you want to eat well during your pregnancy to nourish your growing baby, but it can be hard when you’re experiencing nausea… can’t stand the smell of certain foods… can’t stomach anything and are vomiting all the time! Our ‘Morning Sickness Tool Kit’ aims to help you navigate through this challenging time and manage your symptoms. It includes over 25 practical and useful nutritional morning sickness tips, a 7-day morning sickness pregnancy meal plan plus some recipes that you’ll be able to enjoy!

$21.00 excl tax

Melanie’s Postpartum Recipe E-Book

Let’s face it… eating well with a little one can be difficult! You might be feeling overwhelmed… sleep deprived… time poor… or lacking the inspiration for what to cook that is nutritious for both you and bub. This Postpartum Recipe E-book will provide you with delicious meals and snack ideas that offer plenty of variety in your postpartum diet whilst simultaneously being quick to prepare.

$12.00 excl tax

Melanie’s Delightful Gluten-Free Recipe E-Book

Need to avoid gluten in your diet, but still want to enjoy tasty and nutritious meals? Look no further than our ‘Delightful Gluten-Free Recipe E-Book’! This recipe book is filled with quick and easy gluten-free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that are sure to satisfy but still help you get the nutrition that you need when going gluten-free.

$12.00 excl tax

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