For most people who have had bariatric surgery, it isn’t possible to meet nutritional requirements through food alone and nutritional deficiencies are a real threat. This is why your dietitian recommends a bariatric multivitamin for routine supplementation.

We just received a sample box of the new bariatric multivitamins from BN Multi and thought we’d share our thoughts…

We just received a sample box of the new bariatric multivitamins from BN Multi and thought we’d share our thoughts…

In the past, there has been very limited variety in the choice of multivitamins that are appropriate following bariatric surgery. Your general men’s or women’s multi isn’t suitable after surgery as they don’t take into account your increased requirements of selected nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and calcium. Let’s have a look at the new BN Multis…

More Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 deficiency is most common in people who have had a sleeve gastrectomy or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass as a decreased production of stomach acid post surgery means that your body will no longer absorb vitamin B12 as efficiently as it should. In addition to matching the nutritional profile, BN Multi has double the amount of vitamin B12 than what is found in other bariatric multivitamins to further minimise your risk of deficiency and its associated complications.

It’s important to note that there are instances where people can still develop a deficiency even if their multivitamin contains adequate vitamin B12. A study by Dr Provenzale indicated that approximately 30% of people developed a vitamin B12 deficiency in the years following bariatric surgery even while taking their prescribed multivitamin. This highlights the need for you to regularly review your vitamin B12 status through an annual blood test even if you are taking a bariatric multi. If you find that you don’t respond well to oral vitamin B12, talk to your healthcare professional about B12 spray or injections which are often absorbed better than B12 tablets..

No artificial colouring
Unlike other bariatric multivitamins currently available on the market in Australia, BN Multi has removed all artificial colourings. Only a small minority of the public will find that they are sensitive or intolerant to food colourings, however having no artificial colours present in their tablets means that this multivitamin is a viable option for everyone following surgery, regardless of their sensitivities.

Improved taste
One of the common complaints with chewable multivitamins is the taste, but more specifically, the after-taste! The potent metallic feeling that is left on your tongue everyday after chewing your multivitamin is one of the main reasons that people stop taking them. The girls in the office, myself included, have taste-tested numerous bariatric multivitamins over the years and we concur that this is the most pleasant so far. The tablet itself has a berry flavour, but most noticeably is the subdued after-taste. By improving the palatability of the multivitamin, BN Multi are ensuring greater compliance and therefore reducing your risk of developing nutritional deficiencies after surgery.

Our verdict
BN Multi is the new chewable multivitamin that we will be recommending if you are considering or have had bariatric surgery. Our shelves are now stocked so please give us a call on 1300 438 550 if you would like to order some today.