It is possible to increase AMH levels with the right diet. In today’s blog, I’m going to give you 3 nutrition tips to increase AMH levels!

What is AMH?

AMH, or anti-mullerian hormone is a hormone made by the small follicles in your ovary which have not yet begun to develop into mature eggs. Consequently, a low AMH reading indicates that you probably have a reduced egg count. Less eggs may mean that it’s harder to conceive, although, it’s important to remember that you only need one healthy egg to get pregnant!

It’s also important to note that if you have PCOS, also known as poly cystic ovarian syndrome, you may, but not always, have higher than normal egg count and AMH levels.  However, the following strategies still seem to be beneficial for most women with PCOS.

3 diet tips to increase AMH

1. Vitamin D

This strategy has the most evidence behind it to date and it is to make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D. Studies pretty consistently seem to show that women with low vitamin D levels tend to have lower AMH levels than women with healthy vitamin D levels. It seems that vitamin D plays a key role in egg survival and growth.  Some foods, like salmon and eggs, contain a small amount of vitamin D, but most of our vitamin D comes from the sun. On average we need 10 minutes of direct sunlight or 30 minutes outdoors on a cloudy day to meet our vitamin D requirements, so find a way to get outdoors each day, and if you haven’t done so in a few years, it might be a good idea to get your vitamin D levels checked by your doctor.  

2. Losing weight can help

If you are overweight, losing weight can help. Now I know that this is easier said than done, but do the best you can…. particularly if you’re about to undergo an expensive IVF cycle. However, it’s also important to note that it’s important to lose weight in a healthy way. Studies seem to indicate that even when women have significant weight loss, if they don’t have a nutritious diet, it doesn’t necessarily increase their egg count or AMH levels, in comparison to when they lose weight and still meet all of their nutrition requirements.

3. Regular exercise 

Make sure you are doing regular exercise. Although this strategy only seems to be helpful for women who are overweight or who have PCOS. So, the next question is how much exercise do you actually need to do to see a result? Well, there’s not enough research to answer that question definitively, but I will tell you this: one study got women to do a 45 minute walk three times per week for 12 weeks, and saw some great results!  So, maybe start there? And, maybe think about doing your exercise outside so you can get some vitamin D at the same time (although this study was done indoors).

If you need help kick starting your fertility diet, I have a free fertility meal plan for you to download! All you need to do is go to

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  1. Khushi

    My amh is 0.33 how to increase it

  2. Monica luthra

    Hello mam, i am 37 and my amh value is 0.44. rest all reports and tests are fine. Can I increase amh value And how because i am planning for baby now

  3. M A Sharif

    my wife’s AMH is 0.28,
    She is 34 years old and we are trying to have a baby for the first time..
    Is it possible ? how to increase AMH level

    • Dr.Charu

      10% of the chance. Regular healthy foods and excercise will help you.

    • Deepika

      Hi , i m 35 years old …my amh level is 0.48 and prolactin level is 59.68 can I conceive naturally .pls tell what to avoid and to eat

  4. Megha ghosh

    I am 29 years old.. This September my age would be AMH level 1.16 .. I can conceive naturally??

  5. Anonymous

    My amh level 0.3 can I conceive naturally

    • Crystal

      My Amh is 0.6 can i concive naturally?

  6. Kavitha

    My amh is very low 0.3….please suggest me some remedies

  7. Ankitha

    How to increase my amh level and also what is the suitable diet for this?

  8. Judith Mutanu

    My AMH is very low what can i do so that i can conceive

    • Munu Uprety Bhusal

      My AMH is 0.85 ng/ml and I’m 36 year old What can I do so that I can conceive

  9. Priyanka

    My AMH level is 1.16 how to increase it

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        My AMH is so low 0.24, how to increase it

        • Diksha Gupta

          Hi, My AMH is 0.55 and I am 27 year to increase it and suggest diet plan….my weight is 40….

    • Anonymous


  10. Tinasly

    I’m 31 year and my AMH is 0.06 level how to increase it

  11. Shruti

    Hi Melanie, thanks for this article it was very helpful. My AMH level is 1.06 ng/ml. Is it enough to conceive ?

    • Anonymous

      Can I conceive if my AMH level is 0.69

      • DrPramitha Ratheesh

        Yes ,you can conceive with help of Ayurveda medicines and treatments

      • Anonymous


    • Azeb Bekele

      Hi, my Amh is 0.25 how can I improve it ?

      • Mukesh

        Have regularly asparagus, boiled ground nut, fish, avoid rice, and white items

    • Dana

      Hi Shruti,

      I’m not a doctor, but have 1.07 ng/ml AMH at 32 years old, had an appointment with my endocrinologist today (I’ve never tried to conceive, just wanna freeze my eggs). He said while there’s a chance they might not be able to retrieve enough eggs for freezing (at least not with one cycle), the AMH level is not an indicator of my chances of conceiving naturally (what’s more important is your age and wether you are getting regular periods)

      Hope this helps!

      • Anonymous

        My AMH level is 0.05,my Age is 29yrs how can it improve

  12. Anonymous

    How I increas my amh levels

    • Rashmi

      I am 37 years old with 0.91 AMH level and trying to conceive 1st time. How to increase AMH level rapidly. What’s the ideal AMH level at this age.

  13. Karolina

    there are also genetic conditions and causing autoimmune diseases. I am 37 years old and my AMH is 0.125. I am slim all my life, I do sports, I supplement with vitamin D.

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anasua chakrobarty mazumder

    My amh is -0.1how to increase it

    • Anonymous

      Low amh and ttc

      • Reshma prativa

        I am 35 yr old my AMH level is 0.23 can i convince please suggest me

    • Anonymous

      My is less than 0.1 how to increase it pls

      • Meenkashi

        My amh level is 0.12 how i will increse it

    • Rose

      Can I conceive my amh level 0.24

  16. Anonymous

    Thank you

    • Babita

      My Amh is <0.2 how to increase it. Give suggestions

    • Sajitha

      My amh is 0.03 ng/ can I improve?

      • Priya

        My AMH LEVEL is higher than normal ..plz guide something



  18. Shruthi

    AMH increase food plz inform

  19. Ruksha a

    Suggest food for best amh level

    • Norzing lhamu Bhutia


  20. Damyanti

    Suggest good for increase amh

  21. G

    Which food can help my amh level

  22. Glad

    Thank u

  23. Latifa

    Thank you

    • Anonymous

      my amh is 0.12 how to increase it

  24. Aya

    Very useful thank you

    • Anonymous


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