As I sit here at my desk today typing away, I was momentarily distracted by the rain tapping against the window. Although many might glace outside and send up a quick prayer of thanks to be inside in the warmth, personally I am in the opposite camp: walking in the rain is one of my favourite pastimes.

Just last week end, I was rugged up in my rainproof jacket, gloves, boots and akubra hiking around the bush treks of the ‘Pretty Sally’ mountain range. And ‘pretty’ it is indeed! When the rain comes, many of the animals that would normally hide away come out to munch quietly on the grace, feeling safe that the humans will be hiding away indoors; rainbows stretch across the sky, leaves glisten, the beauty and colours of the bush come alive and best of all, is the perfume of nature – the rain makes everything smell SO fresh that you could almost eat it.

As a dietitian, I’m always trying to encourage my clients to exercise more frequently, and although there’s nothing wrong with going to a gym or sitting on a treadmill at home, there is just something so much more romantic and soul-fulfilling about being in the great outdoors. It doesn’t even feel like exercise; it just feels like fun! I’m surprised at how often people use the weather, be it rain, heat or wind as an excuse not to exercise. They are obviously people who haven’t given it a go for a long time and have forgotten how invigorating nature is. Remember splashing in puddles as a kid? What a delight it was? What’s changed? It’s only water, and a little bit of water is not going to hurt you. Personally, I never feel a drop under all my wet-weather gear, so sometimes take my hat off purely to feel the sprinkle of rain across my face. A hot shower never feels so decadent as when you’re cold and dirty. But if you’re not one for cold and dirt, that can be easily managed with the right clothing. Let me give you a tip though: layer up as there’s a good chance you’ll get hot once you start walking.

If you haven’t been outside to walk in the rain for a while, dig out your wet weather gear and give it a go this week end: rain, hail or shine.

To Do: schedule time for a walk outdoors be it rain, hail or shine this week end.