Endometrium thickening foods:

Having a thin endometrium minimises chances of egg implantation. And, although medical techniques are the primary treatment for thickening the endometrium, some studies suggest that nutrition may have an impact. So, if you need to thicken your uterine lining, I’ve got four nutritional strategies that may be helpful for you… 

Number 1: Vitamin E supplementation

There are some studies that suggest vitamin E supplementation may assist in thickening your uterine lining. And, although you can get vitamin E from foods such as nuts, seeds and avocados…. the amounts used in research studies are significantly higher than what you’d get from your diet. Most women require about 7 milligrams of vitamin E/day which you can easily get from a healthy diet, but the amounts used in the research tend to range around 700 milligrams per day. If you’re thinking about taking nutritional supplements, I’d highly recommend that you speak to your health care professional first just to check that it’s safe for you, and please make sure that you stop the supplements once you’re pregnant as large doses of vitamin E have been know to cause small for gestational age babies.  

Number 2: L-arginine supplementation

L-arginine is another supplement that is commonly used to increase the thickness of uterine lining, and also has a small amount of research supporting it’s use. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps the body build protein. It’s also known for opening blood vessels to increase blood flow. Your body usually makes all the L-arginine it needs, but it is also found in most protein-rich foods, including fish, red meat, poultry, soy, whole grains, beans and dairy products. It’s usually a pretty safe supplement, but I always recommend speaking to your health care professional before starting a supplement.  

Number 3: A diet rich in wholegrains

Wholegrains include dark seedy breads, brown rice, quinoa, cous cous and even popcorn! Wholegrains are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fibre, B vitamins and antioxidants. It’s recommended that we consume at least 48 grams of wholegrains/day, but most women consume nowhere near that amount. An interesting study found that women who had a higher intake of wholegrains had a greater chance of implantation after IVF. Research has found that for every additional serve of wholegrains per day, uterine lining increased by an average of 0.4 millimetres. 

Number 4: Consume oily fish 2 to 3 times each week

Oily fish is one of the best sources of omega 3, and omega 3 has found to be great for increasing blood flow to the uterus, which is important for thickening your endometrium. 


Now, to help you get started, I’ve created a free fertility meal plan for you! You can download it here. And, please feel free to ask any additional questions about your diet and fertility in the comments below. I’m here to help!


  1. Janize

    Good Day , I drink 12mg of Estrogen a day , My lining needs to be at least 7mm by Saturday for my Implant – What else can I use to Thicken my lining

    • HOPE

      Have Salmon and Avocados. My reports went 100% just with these 2 foods when Doctors REFUSED me continue the cycle . MIRACLE happens.

      • Chinenye

        What can you recommend for someone who has had miscarriages

  2. Ella B.

    Hi Melanie! My endometrium is .7 or 8 i think but my doctor need to thicken for 1 cm. How to thicken my endometrium for embryo transfer ? she prescribe me a progynova, sildenafil and vagifem. Pls enlighten me

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t trust anyone who in the first sentence refers to ‘egg implantation’…..They do not know what they are talking about

    • Embryo implants

      Egg implantation wow.

    • Anonymous

      Embryo implantation is the right word

      • A

        My et is 4.1 mm.. What will i do. Plz help ki isi month conceive ho jaye

        • Ambika

          Hi. I would drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Eat avocado every day. No sugar. Eat more protein. Eat Brazil nuts and walnuts.

        • Anonymous

          Have walnut or flax seeds daily

    • Someone less judgmental

      You guys are looking at semantics as thought they equate to intellectual and understanding, rather than layman’s terms. Most people—even doctors—will say egg implantation when explaining to layman because it makes sense. Never trust anyone who thinks they’re an expert. There’s simply no such thing.

  4. Leah

    Hi, please I have been having ammenorrhea for two months now and the Dr said my endometrial plates is 6.5mm, please can it affect my fertility and please how to I reduce it ma

  5. Amrutha

    Hi pls help me . I was said my lining is 12.23 and might be case for hyperplasia . I am scared right now . Is it serious . Is there any way to reduce my lining naturally without using medicines . Thanks in advance .

  6. Annick

    Hi, my endometrium thickness is 10mm at day 22…anyone knows what should be the range at this point? THanks

  7. Lorie

    I also have thin endometrium and my OB told me that I need to exercise daily at least 30 mins a day. You can include exercise in your proper diet to become regular. Thank you and God bless us all! <3

    • Anonymous

      can you tell me what which type of exercise pls I am suffering from same problem

  8. Manju

    hello mam…
    my Et thickness is not increasing even after taking 12 mg esterogen per day. its near 6 mm
    just spotting at the name of periods. very disturbed mam..what to do? please suggest mam…

    • Anu mishra

      What is your update mam?

      • Anonymous

        Thickness 7 mm is it normal

        • Anonymous

          yes it is normal🥺 sana ol

          • Anonymous

            My ET on 8th day of cycle was 6mm. Is it normal. How to improve kindly help.

          • Sirisha

            Thickness is 3.45cm .how should I reduce this thinkness in to normal

          • MS DREAMER

            Hi im in the process of getting remarried we are doing tubal reversal but my cycle is not regular whT should i do.?

        • Anonymous

          Yes it’s normal

          • Radha

            My eT size us 8.1 nineth day of cycle is it ok for pregnancy

        • Anonymous

          For conceiving u need atleast 8mm

    • Jonalyn

      Is it possible to reduce the size of my endometruim if i follow the food im eating?

    • Korra Amrutha

      Hi mam …my endometriaam very thin 3 mm …iam planing to IVF …iam taking estrobet daily 12 mg…not increase..plz tell me mam

      • Anonymous

        Some my problem

    • sana ahmed

      hi i have same problem did u find aby solution ?

    • Anonymous

      Change estrogen brand

    • Sheetal J

      How u take 12mg estrogen daily .are there any estrogen tablets..??

  9. Lily

    Wow! Great website and she’s easy to listen to

    • Margie Manahan

      My endometrium is just 0.76cm pls what can take to increase? 😭

      • Name

        My endometrium thickness is 8mm in day 17..is this is normal to concive

        • Jonalyn

          Coz my endomrtuim is already big pls can u help me..

      • Anonymous

        How can grow endo lining fast

        • Rose mary Tan

          I got my transV result.
          Normal sized – Retroverted uterus with thin endometrium normal ovaries.
          Left partubal cyst. (2.1×1.6cm)no free fluid in the cul-de-sac.

      • Deepali sharma

        YesPlease do exercise , running some yoga..and take sprouts peanut dairy products and banana shake in your breakfast

    • Jonalyn

      Coz my endomrtuim is already big pls can u help me..

    • Sola

      Hello ma, am planning to have have ivf and my endometrium is 4mm pls what can do.

  10. Mayomg

    My endometrium is just 5.2mm pls what can take to increase

    • jemma

      Hi Mayomg,

      This is just a suggestion but to increase the endometrium doctors sometimes prescribe progynova — it can help to thicken the lining substantially.

    • Fatima

      Hello my endometrium is 8.5 mm is it enough thicken for getting preg

      • Name vanaja

        My endometrium thickness is 8mm in day 17..is this is normal to get pregnant..

        • Anonymous

          my endometriumthickness is 8mm in11th day is it normal

      • Jenny

        Endometrial stripe thickness 0.53 cm Is what was reported on my test January 25th Waiting on my gynecologist to call me on the results. I tested positive 9 times January 20-22 and then started spotting/bleeding on January 23 going in for blood test on the 26th. So many mixed emotions.

    • Anonymous

      I want to strengthen my uterus lining and I’m vegetarian..please suggest me some diet.

  11. Nelly

    Hi Melanie,
    I love your channel and have improved my AMH from your advice, thank you x
    Since then I still had another IVF failure, the clinic was clueless why.
    I’m now on Clomid this is my 3rd round and still no baby.
    I’ve religiously followed your diet advice, my progesterone level went up .
    What else can I do ?
    I can hear the clock ticking loudly

    • Tabitha

      Two months after uterus evacuation no period,am still expecting.

  12. Anonymous

    I was just diagnosed with thin endometrial plate,what does that mean

  13. Sam

    hi, if the endometrial thickness is only 2-3mm, what are the foods will increase to the normal range..please provide the vital foods to increase the thickness….

  14. sanket

    Pomegranate, apple, fiber rich food, milk, other fruits and other eatables were already added into diet. was undergoing through IVF procedure and the uterine lining level was 7 to 7.5 during transfer procedure.
    all were fine and the medicines and additional injections were also continued on-time but had unsuccessful conceiving in the first attempt.
    please suggest whatever should be added in routine to have a successful conceiving in second attempt itself please.

    • Rose

      My edometrial lining thickness is 5.22mm.What can I do to conceive ?My uterus is fine but no period for 5 months.

      • Meeran

        Hello rose hi even my wife is having endometrium thickness 6mm she had her periods for last 2 months . Is she able to pregnant having endometrium thickness 6mm.if she pregnant her endometrium is 6mm is it good ??or it causes any danger for my wife and our baby?? Can you please reply

        • Manu

          The minimum thickness of endometrium should be above 8mm to 13mm for a perfect pregnancy. By the time of ovulation if she could make up to 8mm chances of getting pregnant is more. However, she may conceive naturally, or if you are undergoing any fertility procedures, Dr would suggest with vitamin E and a few other medications which help in increasing the thickness. Again getting pregnant is all about the female body each case varies from others. Less thickness of endometrium will lead to weak pregnancy in some instances it will end with a miscarriage.

      • Anonymous


  15. Devya

    I have lining of 6.9. will it be sufficient for iui procedure?

    • runa kalita

      my endrometrium lining is 7.5.will it be sufficient for conceive?.

  16. Abi

    Although it’s to be noted that tuna only has omega 3if fresh. Tinned does not count?

  17. Laura

    hi! My doctor just advised me yesterday that the uterine lining around my c-section scar is very thin. I am to undergo a 2nd level 2 ultrasound at 34 weeks pregnant to further assess but I was advised to be prepared to have my c-section for this pregnancy scheduled at 37 weeks 🙁 Is there anything i can do to strengthen/thicken my uterine lining while pregnant? I’m hoping that I can do something/anything to prevent further thinning so my lil man can stay put until 39 weeks. Thanks in advance!!!

    • Acca

      Message ur belly and scar with any oil like oliveoil, mustard oil or coconut oil and change the dr. My dr scared me to go for a c sec because I had a thin scar but la tee after the c sec I found out that it doesn’t matter. Change ur dr and consult a dr who is experienced for vaginal births not c sections

    • Stacy mark

      I was just told I have the same thing I’m 22 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 ! Did u take anything or what helped ?

    • stacy e masri

      I was told the same thing this week I’m 22 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 did u take anything to help to thicken lining

  18. Glory kaka

    Hi I have been taking coffee quite a long time now it shows me some strange reactions and I hope it won’t cause a problem to my uterus



    • Anonymous

      Red raspberry tea leaf tea (strong),
      vitamin E
      L-arninine have proven to do the trick for me. Also, closer to the transfer I drink a ‘bucket’ of organic freshly pressed green juices with 2 shots of wheat grass. Wheat grass is supposed to be super beneficial. Good luck, dear Cherry. I’m off to my 8th embryo transfer so far. Fingers crossed for all of us 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I was told to stay away from juicing because its very detoxifying which can disrupt an ivf cycle and if bad if youre already pregnant too.

      • Mandy

        How much L-arninine did you take?

      • Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    Is oatmeal considered wholegrain?

    • Maria Isabella

      Yes, oats are a whole grain.

  21. Carolyn

    Thanks for this info.
    Looks like I have Tuna covered for the oily fish which is good. Can I ask which nuts we should eat please.

  22. Megs

    Hi whats is L-arganine supplements? Where i buy?

    • Anonymous

      I just asked my fertility doctor about it. We didn’t have the time go go into the details of L-arginine but it’s supposed to be beneficial with fertility treatments. I buy mine from Wholefoods or CVS and take the recommended dose.

  23. Phennie

    Great information, thank you

  24. Yite

    Why studies didn’t say anything about hymen thickening? Why is hymen can’t have any solution to thicken? Specialy the thin membrane!

    • Erika

      …why would you be trying to thicken your hymen???

  25. Gemma

    My acupuncturist suggested the same foods/supplements as you have in this article. Do you know approximately how long it takes for the endometrium lining to increase?

  26. Sitara

    I had around 13mm thickness 6 months before and now it was being reduced every month and now it was as 5mm. can i know what might be the reason and any suggestion to increase the Thickness of endometrium.My doctor told it will get vary every month.but iam not satisfied with that reply from her.Is it would be helpful if we undergo for IUI with 5mm endometrium thickness.

    • Anonymous

      Red raspberry tea leaf tea (strong),
      vitamin E
      L-arninine have proven to do the trick for me. Also, closer to the transfer I drink a ‘bucket’ of organic freshly pressed green juices with 2 shots of wheat grass. Wheat grass is supposed to be super beneficial. I start with all the above at the end of my period. It’s been working great for me. I’m off to my 8th embryo transfer so far. Fingers crossed for all of us.

      • Kw

        How many of your transfers were successful?

  27. MrsJacobi

    Hi, I’ve just had a D&C this morning to remove uterine polyps & fibroids. I thought my ob/gyn would give me estrogen today (it’s day 10 of my cycle) to make sure the lining grows back thick but she didn’t and said we’d see at my follow up appointment in two weeks. Do you have any other suggestions than what’s in your blog? Also my acupuncturist/Chinese medicine doctor gave me a special tea to start tomorrow. Thank you!

    • Melanie McGrice

      Hi there,
      I think the advice that your doctor has given you is wise. If you’d like a more detailed dietary analysis it may be worth making an appointment with one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians. You can call us on 1300 438 550.

    • Lolita

      Hi I had a polyp removal 3 months ago. My doctor didn’t say anything after that either. How do you feel?

      • Melanie McGrice

        Hi Lolita,
        There is no special diet needed for this however it’s essential that you are meeting protein and antioxidant requirements for optimal healing.

  28. Ira

    My linong is 6.5only and my cycle was cancelled what i do for thicken my endo lining plz suggest

    • Melanie McGrice

      Hi Ira,
      Are you including plenty of the foods which the blog suggests currently in your diet? These include nuts, seeds and avocado for vitamin E, wholegrains for fibre, oily fish for omega-3 and meats for protein. These may help thicken your endo lining.

    • Anonymous

      Red raspberry tea leaf tea (strong),
      vitamin E
      L-arninine have proven to do the trick for me. Also, closer to the transfer I drink a ‘bucket’ of organic freshly pressed green juices with 2 shots of wheat grass. Wheat grass is supposed to be super beneficial. I start with all the above at the end of my period. It’s been working great for me.

  29. Amber

    So nice to see information from another Dietitian and links to actually studies thank you!

    • Melanie McGrice

      You’re welcome Amber. Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  30. Aswathy

    What is the consum oily fish ?????

    • Melanie McGrice

      Types of oily fish that are great to include in your diet include salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel and tuna. Hope that helps!

      • Mrs.yousuf

        My endometrium thickens is 8.5mm 35days is finish but last day I check my GTT test fasting is normal 1hr test also normal but 2hrs test normal 140 but my result is 152 they said contact diabetics doctor but I sure every month I check my blood glucose is normal how they r giving like this report doubt reply me

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