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So, you’re thinking about freezing your eggs? Well, I’m glad that you found me! Before you progress any further, have you thought about your diet? Stop and think for a minute…the point behind freezing your eggs is so that you can have access to young, healthy eggs when you need them. What’s the point of freezing unhealthy eggs? None! So, today I’m going to share my top four dietary tips before freezing your eggs.

1. Ensure that your diet is rich in good fats, and conversely, low in bad fats

Good fats include foods like extra virgin olive oil, fish, nuts and avocado, and I’m sure that you know what your bad fats are…. chocolate, ice cream, potato chips, biscuits…. all of those foods that we know that we should be avoiding but don’t. Research suggests that good fats not only improve our general health, but also improve the health of our eggs. Bad fats increase oxidative stress which can influence egg maturation.

2. Optimize your weight

Research indicates that when we are overweight, not only does that mean we carry extra fat around organs like our heart and liver, but it also increases fat in the fluid surrounding our eggs, which in turn, impacts our eggs’ health. Furthermore, the DNA, or genetic code, of women who are overweight, has found to be more ‘disorganised’. These two factors mean that when we carry additional weight, our eggs aren’t as healthy, and we’re less likely to conceive when we want to. Vice versa, for women who are underweight.

Now I know that achieving a healthy weight isn’t easy, but most women that I see can optimize their weight when they put their mind to it, but they struggle to stay within a healthy weight range…. usually due to a combination of our culture and hormones that cause you to go back to your original weight again. But, if you’re planning to freeze your eggs, now is the time to optimize your weight to the best of your ability, even if it is for the short term – but just do it in a healthy way.

3. Focus on foods which have a low GI

GI stands for ‘glycemic index’ and describes the rate at which carbohydrate foods break down. A low GI diet has been found to optimize egg health, so swap foods which break down quickly with those which contain more fibre and/or protein and break down more slowly. Examples include swapping apple juice with a whole apple, which still has the skin on for extra fibre; swapping white bread for a higher fibre, wholegrain bread or adding chick peas to a risotto to boost the amount of protein in the meal.

4. Ensure you’re taking the right supplement

You may have heard that it’s important to take nutritional supplements during before conceiving and during pregnancy. In particular, it’s recommended that you take at least 400mg of folic acid and 150mg of iodine, even if you eat a healthy diet. Well, if you’re planning to freeze your eggs, I’d recommend that you get on to these recommendations too. Now, the supplements that you’ll require, and the amounts will differ from woman to woman, so I’d highly recommend that you have a consultation with a dietitian to discuss the best supplements for you. For example, women who carry extra weight, have diabetes, smoke, have Coeliac disease or have a family history of Neural tube defects require increased amounts of folic acid, and women with some thyroid conditions need to avoid additional iodine.  So, double check what’s right for you.

Ideally, I’d love to see you following all of these recommendations for at least three months before your egg collection.

I hope you’ve found that helpful. Now, to help you put it all into practice, I’ve put together a free fertility meal plan for you. Just click here to download. You can also find me on social media if you’d like some additional dietary tips.



  1. Stephanie

    How does egg freezing help in a diet. Do you addit to a shake? Do you just eat a frozen egg? Do you rub it on the troubled spots

  2. Pharmacycenter

    The answer, unfortunately, is none. There’s no perfect “egg freezing diet.” And contrary to claims made by companies hoping to sell teas, supplements, and health foods to women worried about their fertility—there are no teas, supplements, or health foods that have been shown to improve female egg quality.

    • Melanie McGrice

      There are certainly a lot of companies who make claims with no evidence behind them, and you’re correct that there is no one perfect ‘egg freezing diet’, but as you will have read above – there is some evidence for dietary changes that optimise egg health. Thanks for your feedback though!

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