If you’re trying to conceive, you’ve probably already heard that you should cut out sugar to boost your fertility…. but let’s admit it…. it’s easier said than done! In today’s blog we’re going to discuss why this is so important, and I’m going to give you three simple and effective strategies that are going to help you cut out sugar so that you can optimise your fertility.  

Sugar and fertility 

You might have heard about the research that found that drinking soft drink, decreases the likelihood of conception by 20%?!  The more soft drinks you drink, the harder time you are going to have to conceive. The reason why soft drinks and sodas are so bad for fertility is that they are one of the richest sources of sugar in our diet.

Sugar has three important effects on our fertility….

1. Too much sugar can cause excess weight gain

And being overweight has been linked to fertility problems.

2. Excess insulin

Our body produces a hormone called insulin, which helps our body to digest sugar and other compounds.  When someone is overweight, the more sugar they eat, the more insulin their body has to produce.  Hormones work together like musicians in an orchestra.  If one is out of tune, it effects the whole song.  So, if our body is producing excess insulin, this has a domino-like effect on our fertility hormones.

3. Excess sugar causes inflammation around our eggs

Which ultimately affects your egg health and fertility. 

It’s also important to note that sugar has been found to impact sperm quality too.  And, cutting out sugar is just as crucial for men’s fertility, as it is for ours.  So, once you’ve finished reading this…. show it to your partner!

So, now we know why it’s important to reduce, I want to explain HOW to reduce it. 

Let’s discuss 3 of the best strategies….

1. Cut out obvious amounts of sugar

If you drink soft drinks, soda or energy drinks…. quit.  Go cold turkey today. Don’t allow them in your home.  As I mentioned before this is the biggest source of sugar, and you want to have a healthy baby, you can’t be poisoning yourself with this stuff.  It’s like trying to grow a rose garden and watering it with petrol instead of water.  If you struggle to cut these out, see a dietitian to keep you accountable, because it’s important.

2. Look for hidden sugars by learning to read food labels

Now, when you flip the pack over a lot of people look at the ‘sugars’ written under carbohydrates on the Nutrition Information Panel.  They could be natural sugars from fruit or dairy.  Instead, look at the ingredients list.  Anything that ends in syrup or “ose”, like glucose, dextrose or sucrose is likely to be refined sugar. 

3. Plan your meals

The biggest source of hidden sugars is found in highly processed foods.  For example, a stir fry out of a pack, or from a local restaurant, can have up to 30 grams of sugar in it.  Whereas, if you make it yourself at home, it’s probably got none.  Sugar is often added by food processors to add flavour and to help extend shelf life.  So, by planning and prepping your own meals, you’ll significantly decrease your sugar intake.  And, by eating regular, nutritious meals, you’re less likely to be tempted by bikkies or chocolate.

Now, I want you to tell me in the comments box below….. which of these strategies are you going to start first? 

And, if you’re someone who tends to crave sugar before your period, you might like to check out my blog on why we crave chocolate before our periods.


  1. Vita

    Is it important to cut on fruits to reduce the amount of sugar ? Is it the same sugar in teh fruits as in processed food (table/cane sugar)? Is stevia is safer alternative when trying to conceive?

  2. Lola

    I did keto and it helped my egg quality and egg reserve

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