This week we spoke with Nutrition Student Jess about The Pregnancy Weight Plan, and why it is a must-read for all and especially those currently pregnant, or thinking of conceiving.

So Jess, what did you like most about the book?
There is such a wide range of fantastic information on weight and pregnancy, and what I love about this book is that it compiles everything you need to know in the one spot! It explains everything from how being overweight or underweight affects your fertility, to assessing your health and calculating your recommended pregnancy weight gain. It even goes into how to exercising safely and has eating plans and recipes! It is interesting and I found it very easy to read and relatable.

If you’re not currently pregnant but it is something you plan to do, will this book be useful pre-conception?
Yes, the book covers everything from pre conception, to each trimester and then post birth. Your nutritional requirements at each stage are listed, as well as information what to be mindful of at each stage. I love that the book not only lists the recommendations but explains them. By the end of the book you will completely understand why it is you need to eat well for not just yourself but your little one, and I think knowing all of this info before conceiving will actually make you less apprehensive about your pregnancy.

Should partners read it as well?
Absolutely! The Pregnancy Weight Plan explains that your partner’s weight and diet are also essential for fertility. It may also help your partner support you throughout your pregnancy if they have had a read and are understanding of all the changes your body goes through! It might be nice to share the load and the whole experience together.

What did you find most useful?
I found the month by month guide extremely useful! It explains your baby’s stage of development and mentions changes your body will experience. I imagine this is very reassuring as some of these changes can be very overwhelming. It also lists your exercise and nutrition requirements and gives a 7 day eating guide for preconception, each trimester and also while breastfeeding. As someone who likes to follow a plan, I loved this element of the book. Another thing I loved was the 30 minute recipes! It can be hard to find the time to cook nutritious food for yourself and for the family; however the recipes are delicious and super easy, and I’ve already incorporated a few into my repertoire.

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