The Pregnancy Weight Plan

By Melanie McGrice

I am so excited to tell you about my new book – The Pregnancy Weight Plan.  

The Pregnancy Weight Plan is your complete guide to maintaining a healthy weight leading up to, during and after pregnancy. 

Most women struggle with their weight during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations, increased appetite and fatigue are just some of the pressures that make it difficult for women to stay within a healthy range. 

With one in every two women gaining too much weight during pregnancy, this book is a ‘must read’ for any woman wanting to have a baby.


  •  Practical dietary advice from leading dietitian Melanie McGrice
  •  Step by step instructions on how to calculate your pregnancy weight goals
  •  Advice on choosing the right foods for ultimate nutrition, and avoiding the wrong ones
  •  7 day meal plans for fertility, trimester 1, trimester 2, timester 3 & breastfeeding
  •  Safe & simple exercise plans for exercise lovers & those new to exercise
  •  Recomendations on nutritional supplements 
  •  Healthy & simple 30 minute recipes

“ Your book was SO encouraging! It didn’t make me feel judged at all. And it really kept me on track right throughout my pregnancy.”

- Sarah 

Meet the author: Melanie McGrice

Melanie is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in fertility, pregnancy & women's health. She has over sixteen years of clinical experience and is well known as one of Australia’s leading dietitians.  

Melanie is also a highly respected speaker, researcher, blogger, media personality and food lover. 


This book is a must if you want to improve your chances of conceiving or maintain a healthy weight during pregnacy.